1900 to 1909     Early explorations in Gaping Gill, Swildon's Hole and Eastwater Cavern

1910 to 1919     Sunset, Swinsto, Meregill and Calf Holes in the Dales; Swildons & Eastwater on Mendip; DYO explored

1920 to 1929     First gantry down GG Main Shaft; White Scar Cave discovered; Juniper Gulf bottomed

1930 to 1939     First CPC GG meet; Diccan Pot bottomed; Swildons 1 & 2 dived; Eric Hensler crawls around GG

1940 to 1949     Simpsons/Swinsto connected; Mossdale Caverns discovered; Electron ladders used for first time in UK; Balcombe dives sumps in Yorkshire Dales

1950 to 1959     Explorations in Easegill; Dowbergill/Providence Pot connected; Sump 1 in Gouffre Berger reached making this the first cave over 1000m deep

1960 to 1969     OFD II; DYO II; Tradgedy in Mossdale caverns; Red Rose publish the Lancaster-Easegill survey; Gaping Gill extends to Far Country and Whitsun Series

1970 to 1979    First 300m cave dive; Sid Perou films in Dales; NorthernCaves published; Cowsh Avens in Swildon’s pushed to conclusion; Dive links Ireby with Notts Pot. Wookey goes to 25; Link Pot links Pipikin to lancaster Hole;

1980 - 1989     Martyn Farr passes Far Sump in Peak Cavern; Jean-Bernard gets world depth record; Gaping Gill and Ingleborough Cave connected; Pippikin sump was connected to Gavel/Lost John’s; Red bolts hit he Dales; In Mulu, Clearwater Cave becomes world's 11th longest.

1990 - 1999     CDG celebrates 50th anniversary in Wookey Hole; Ogof Draenen becomes 4th longest cave in Britain; Titan shaft, the largest in Britain was discovered; first British cave dive of over a mile in each direction; Access to the Gouffre Berger was stopped;

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