Membership of the club entitles you to use of the clubs caving tackle, our cottages at Horton-in-Ribblesdale, access to the library and receipt of the clubs quarterly publication "The Record". Members may bring a guest to the cottage and on club meets.
To apply to become a member of the club you should send a completed application form (a down-loadable version is provided below) to the Membership and Assistant Secretary together with the annual subscription.

It is a condition of membership that you are covered by the public liability insurance policy provided by the British Caving Association (BCA). If you do not already have this cover the club will obtain it for you and you should forward the annual premium with your application.

The annual Membership subscription is currently £34, the BCA policy cover is currently £11.

We also offer a subsidised membership for the under 25s of £14 (or £25 including BCA insurance)

Contact the Membership Secretary here

Or download an application form here

The Craven Winchettes
The Mud Treatment Comes Free

Prospective Associate

Joining us as Prospective Associate for a period of six months is a low cost option for those new to caving or for experienced cavers wishing to try membership of the Club.

It lets you try out the sport and learn something of the club’s varied activities before joining as a Member.
Prospective Associates may use the cottage in their own right, but may not bring guests either to the cottage nor on club meets. You will receive relevant copies of the clubs quarterly publication The Record. The club will provide public liability insurance through the BCA scheme free of charge during this six month period.
The Prospective Associate subscription is currently £17.

Junior Associate

Young persons under the age of 18 years may choose to join as a Junior Associate with the consent of their parent or guardian. Junior Associates enjoy many of the benefits of Membership at a reduced cost. The club will provide public liability insurance cover through the BCA scheme free of charge.
The annual Junior Associate subscription is currently £10.
Membership and Associate applications are considered by the committee at the meeting following receipt. The committee usually meets on the second Friday of the month.

The clubs activities centre on a programme of official meets, with each year’s programme being published in January. (See the meets section of this site for the current years programme).
Caving meets may be either ladder or SRT - oriented and the programme contains trips especially suited to novices (marked N on the meets card). In addition, the meets programme usually includes a number of camping meets, visits to other caving regions in the UK or further afield and the annual Gaping Gill winch meet.
In addition to the formal meets programme our members undertake a variety of other activities including sporting caving trips, digging, walking and cycling. These are often arranged during the weekend by those staying at our cottages in Horton-in-Ribblesdale.
When attending a meet for the first time we would ask that those new to the club make contact with the Meet Coordinator before going underground or just drop in at the cottage and introduce yourself.